One Photo Monday 17/02/14

Windy wedding photograph

It’s probably not escaped your attention that the weather has been a bit pants recently. Wind, rain, some more wind, and just in case that wasn’t enough, even more rain. Nothing quite like the great British weather! Hopefully all this yukky, horrible weather will vanish soon and we’ll have a summer like we did last […]

Little Details That Matter


At every wedding up and down the country. At every frantic brides parents house. At every reception and at every church. There are details. Little details that help tie the story of the wedding together. There’s been a lot of focus in the last few years on the material details of weddings. The mason jars, […]

Boreham House Wedding Photography


Fiona and Steven’s Luxury Boreham House Wedding Photography.   About this time last year, Fiona, Andrew and myself were sitting down over coffee in Chelmsford, Essex. They were busy planing their big day and were looking for some Boreham House Wedding Photography. While outside the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down (is […]

Why Your Facebook Pictures Look Terrible


Ever wondered why the photos you post to Facebook don’t look as good as they could? There’s a number of terribly boring reasons why the photograph you had on your screen doesn’t look quite as good once it’s been uploaded to Facebook. I’m going to keep this nice, short and sweet. This means that later […]