The wedding photos difference – the art of story telling using images

Wedding photos with a difference.

Do you ever get the feeling that all you see are wedding pictures that look all the same? Why doesn’t anyone create wedding photos with a difference?

Way back in the mists of time, well, the late 70′s anyway, I used to concoct fantastical stories in my head. I’d sit there are imagine all sorts of stories and adventures for my Lego spacemen. My Kenner Star Wars toys were routinely lost in the garden as Luke and Han went off on another adventure. Stories and legend were everywhere. The world was infinitely fascinating.

Wedding photos with a difference

So what has all this got to do with wedding photos with a difference? How does the fact that Luke and Han ended up covered in mud and lost in the jungles of Torgar (aka, mum’s flowerbed) make your wedding pictures different? Well, instead of being kept pristine and sold 30 years later on on eBay, I was out there creating a world and using what was around me to embellish that world. I was learning to not only tell stories, but tell stories visually. It was one thing to tell mum about Luke rescuing Yoda from Flartiblartfast, but another to enact the daring rescue in real time.

As I grew older I realised that I couldn’t write well enough to seriously flesh out those stories. However, I did discover that I could take that story I saw infront of my and put it onto film. Every little frame taken on my toy Spiderman camera (see, I was shooting on toy cameras 3 decades before it was hip!) was a step taken towards getting you wedding photos with a difference. Now that I’ve had formal photographic training and fifteen years of full time experience of being a professional photographer, I still look at each wedding with the joy and wonder of that child I once was.

Wedding photos with a difference

For me, a wedding isn’t about simply throwing a party to make all your friends jealous. It’s a statement (and ‘not a look at me, I’m so amazing!’ statement, but a genuine, heartfelt statement between two people in love) about your desire to be with your partner. Behind every glance, behind every action and touch there is a back story. That little bracelet you keep fiddling with? Well that was given to you by your partner on that first trip away together. The gilt framed wedding photo on the sideboard? That was your gran and grandad on their wedding day. That empty chair at the reception? That was for your Uncle Bob. Everywhere I look at your wedding, there’s another chapter in the story of your love. That’s why when you hire me, you’ll get wedding photos with a difference.

Wedding photos with a difference

Your wedding photography isn’t going to be simply a list of ‘hip’ poses. It’ll be made up of genuine moments and interactions between you and your love. There’ll be no mucking about for a few hours trying to contrive a pose that has nothing to do with you, and nothing to do with your wedding.

When everything is looked at with the wonder of a child then everything is special, magical and wonderful. That’s what I want to give you for your wedding photography. Wedding photos with a difference.

Couples like yourself who book me always talk about how they are struck by how different my photography feels. Not different in a wacky way, but in the way they are full of honesty and love.

Wedding photos with a difference“Our main concern was that it would be difficult for a stranger (however, professional) to capture the spirit of our wedding. Alex took the time to meet us beforehand, answering our questions and finding about more out about us. We got the distinct impression that he understood exactly the sort of wedding we were aiming for. He took amazing pictures that complimented the day and provide us with beautiful memories.”
Aly and Simon.



If you’re tired of seeing the same old wedding photos. If you’re looking for simple, genuine wedding photography. Wedding photos with a difference that speak of you and your wedding. If just want to enjoy the wedding day and a story to come back to again and again, then click the button below.

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  1. Robert Sail says

    True wedding photograph is about so much more than just taking photos. Its about telling great stories and showing true relationship and emotion. Which you don’t often find in most photos.


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