Top 5 wedding photographers to watch for in 2012

So, it’s that time of year again. I’m sure by now tons of you have seen a whole slew of ‘best wedding photographers of 2011′ lists.

It’s great to see some of the stunning work that is produced by the photographers on those lists, and if you’re one of the photographers mentioned, it’s awesome kudos.
Those lists always generate some, sometimes heated, debate about if some of the photographs included are ‘worthy’, and it seems, at least to me, that those lists exist to help the photographers aspire to something, rather than being a useful guide for brides planning their weddings.

The problem is that if you try to book a ‘worlds top 100′ wedding photographer, so are a million other brides.
Wouldn’t it be great if brides could find an inside track to the hidden gems that are going to burning up those ‘top 100′ lists in 2012/2013/2015?

With this in mind, I looked around and decided to make a little list of the wedding photographers I think are going to make a big impact in 2012 and beyond.
So, without further ado, I present my list of the top five wedding photographers to watch for in 2012.

1. Chris Seddon

Chris comes from a background in music photography. Based in Derby, I’ve watched him hone his documentary approach to wedding photography over the last year or so.
You can see the influence music has on Chris’ work. His use of unusual visual devices make his work a joy to discover. I look forward to seeing his career develop.

Chris Seddon Photography

2. Paul Atherton

The very first photograph on Paul’s website stopped me short the first time I saw it. A dramatic composition reminiscent of 1960 visual style.  Funny how just the simplest movement in framing can create such wonder.
It’s the simplicity in Paul’s work that makes it for me. The use of shadow, negative space or framing comes together to create beautiful photographs. A photographer who has flown under the radar for far too long.

Paul Atherton Photography

3.  Rebecca Litchfield

In 2009 Rebecca was awarded ‘Professional Photographer of the Year’ by Professional Photographer Magazine. A fun and vibrant photographer with a background in fashion, she is now branching out into weddings.
Rebecca has an eye not only for the glamorous, but also the intimate. It’s great to see a talented fashion photographer able to blend fashion with wedding and give the photographs style AND substance.

Catwalk Wedding Photography

4. Lyndsey Goddard

Take a look at the opening photograph on Lyndsey’s page. Look again. That’s why I love her work. The different depths to her photographs mean than every time you look, you see something new.
From her beautiful multifaceted compositions to the use of bold framing, her work never ceases to intrigue.

Lyndsey Goddard Photography

5. ?

No, not The Riddler.
These types of lists always cause a lot of debate. It’s only natural, photography is such a subjective thing. That’s why I’ve left this space open – I want to hear your suggestions for top wedding photographers in 2012. Who do you think is going to make a splash? (cue hoards of people all saying ‘me!’ :D)

So, that’s my list of five (well, four but who’s counting?) of wedding photographers to watch out for in 2012.
No matter who you choose to photograph your wedding, I hope you have a great time and enjoy your photographs for years to come!





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