Sally and Mark – Haughley Park Barn

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Sally and Mark – Haughley Park Barn and Bardwell church.

I first met Sally way back in January at a wedding fair we were both attending in Bury St Edmunds. Now I’ve written than I’m actually thinking, ‘hang on a mo, January wasn’t thaaaat long ago’. This year I’ve been so busy it just feels like it’s been going on forever. Oh and this kooky extended summer, delayed autumn is making the year feel longer.

But enough about the weather and how long the year has felt – lets talk about a wedding, after all this is a wedding photography blog!

So, I met Sally and Mark in January and they very kindly hired me to photograph their wedding at Bardwell church and then onto Haughley Park Barn.

On the day of the wedding itself, Sally, her mum and the rest of the bridesmaids, mums, kids and grandparents started off at the farmhouse, which is part of Haughley Park Barn. I love photographing in there – probably because it’s almost like my ideal house. The lines and the light inside make for some stunning photographs. Also having a whole house to yourself to get ready in I think makes the day feel just that much more special.

Quite often couples at Haughley get married at the venue itself, but for Sally and Mark a trip to their local church in Bardwell was the order of the day. So after spending time with Sally and getting some amazing photographs it was time to head off to Bardwell and catch up with Mark.

The vicar at Bardwell was great and let me photograph through the entire service. Some vicars don’t let wedding photographers so much as step foot in the church – occasionally with good reason because some photographers just create such a nuisance during the service. I’ve even heard of one photographer who stood up on the altar to get better photographs! That’s just utterly ridiculous behaviour and it gets us photographers who behave with respect during the service a bad name. Anyway, it was great to have a vicar who allowed me to discreetly photograph during the service.

After the service was over, everyone headed back to Haughley Park Barn. It’s only about twenty minutes in the car – so it was a nice little short trip.

Aside from the farmhouse, the backdrop of the main house and the barn itself – one of the joys of Haughley Park Barn is it’s setting. Sally and Mark had a whole little garden party vibe going on, so not were the gardens looking as good as ever, but there was a cool jumping castle for the kids, a handcrafted wishing well, some giant Jenga and of course, Pimms. I think there must be a law requiring every wedding in the summer to have Pimms on offer! :D

One of my favourite non-bridal photographs happened during the reception outside on the lawn. A Jenga tower of epic proportions was growing and growing – until – finally – the inevitable happened! Check out the result at the end of the slideshow.

If you’re thinking of getting married at Haughley Park Barn, give them a call and speak to Ellie or Rhona. I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

To check my availability for your wedding – give me a shout (01359 241 824), or drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.


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