Butley Priory Wedding Photography – Stuart and Chloë

Butley Priory Wedding Photography.

A little while back I was thrilled to photograph Stuart and Chloë at the very cool Butley Priory in rural Suffolk.
This quirky venue is, or actually was, just a gatehouse for the priory in years gone by, which, if the size of the gatehouse is anything to go by, must have been huge!

Rather cunningly Stuart and Chloë had chosen a great day in May to get married. I’ve noticed in the last few years more and more couples getting married in May.
Maybe the improved weather has something to do with it. About five years ago we were getting snow in April, and now it’s glorious sunshine, Pimms and general t-shirt wearingness all around at that time of year. :D

This was a lovely intimate affair at Butley Priory and it was awesome to spend some time just observing and photographing all those little tender moments that I think make wedding photography the coolest job in the world.
There is just something about being asked to create a story of the day which Stuart and Chloë still talk about. For me wedding photography isn’t about trying to out cool all the other photographers, or treating it as some sort of private portfolio session, but just stepping back and letting the real moments shine through.

Stuart and Chloë chose Butley Priory because it’s quirky, but also has a real sense of style and grace about it – not all venues these days feel intimate like that. When I’m in a venue that feels like it could be someones home, it really lends itself to the story telling aspect that I try to bring to all my wedding photography. It’s not just some pretty pictures in an album, but a story with happiness, joy, love, emotion – all those things that will come back again when you look at your wedding photography in years to come.  Look at the photograph when Chloë first sees Stuart – tell me that doesn’t beat all those over styled super hardcore uberposed wedding photographs? That sums up what it is I try to do with every wedding that I photograph – capture the true meaning of the day. That will never go out of fashion.

Anyway, enough yakking from me – enjoy this collection of Butley Priory wedding photography.

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