Belstead Brook Wedding Photography – Peter and Donna

Wedding photography at Belstead Brook, Ipswich.

Ever have one of those days where the weather starts off grey and dreary and ends up super hot?
Peter and Donna’s wedding at Belstead Brook in Ipswich was like that. When I left the house to go and photograph their day I thought we were in for a bit of a grey day, but the sun burned off all the clouds and we ended up with one of the hottest days of the year.

Donna was getting ready at her mum’s house, so I started off there, photographing all the cool moments that make up the bridal party getting ready. For me this is my one of my favourite times during a wedding. Photographing all the goings on really gives me a chance to set the scene for the photography that goes on during the day. Every wedding I photograph I’m telling a story so it’s not really a case of posing people, but letting them simply create awesome photographs by doing their natural thing.¬† I’m not one of those photographers who sits and dictates things, rather I let the wedding dictate to me the story it’s going to tell. Each wedding is unique – sounds like a clich√©, but it’s true – every wedding is unique. It’s no use trying to sit and produce photographs to a proscribed list- that’s boring, stale and so not your wedding. If I stand back and simply photograph what a wedding wants to show me it’s makes those photographs more immediate and emotional.

Anyhoo, back to the wedding.

I’ve been to Belstead Brook a few times now and I don’t think I’ve ever had a day there that was as hot as this wedding. Peter and Donna had a formal wedding during the day and then invited colleagues and friends from work (both Pete and Donna work in the same company – a real office romance :D) to join them in the evening. I always enjoy photographing a wedding there, but now – it’s time for the photographs….


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